PharmacoGenetics Ltd. (PGL) is a product-focused biotechnology company. We are developing innovative pharmaceutical, health supplement and diagnostic products in the areas of central nervous system (CNS) diseases. It is the only genomic medicine company in Hong Kong we are aware of that is supported by both the Hong Kong government and a major university. Importantly, PGL has access to genetic samples and clinical venues throughout China.


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Our Products

> Calmlin - A Formula of Chinese Herb for Stress Relief

Based on many years of research, PGL International has made important progress in novel healthcare for the management of stress symptoms, such as anxiety. It has developed a new Calmlin formula of Chinese herbs which provides significant benefits over current options

  • Herbs are selected from traditional Chinese medicine and proven to be safe
  • Novel and effective anti-stress formula
  • Devoid of common side effects

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> SmartLife - A New Formula to Increase Brain Power

People have a strong need for peak mental performance, as the workplace becomes more knowledge based and fast-paced, and as life expectancy is extended. As regards the learning and memory ability of children, many in Asia look to dietary supplements to help their children compete in school and maximize their learning skills. PGL International introduces SmartLife - a new and advanced dietary supplement for improving memory, concentration, and mental acuity.

  • Improves memory and mental sharpness. Extensive testing shows no side effects
  • Impressive results after 8 weeks, in double blind clinical trials. Internationally recognized memory tests show an average 15-20% increase
  • Unique formulation of yeast peptide that is byproduct of body's digestion of yeast (like Glutathione)

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  Our Services

> OLE - One Label Extension genotyping

We provide genotyping service with One Label Extension (OLE) platform technology (US Patent No. 6,972,174, "Method for Detecting Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and Point Mutations"). Customized and on-site services as well as OLE genotyping kits are available to provide accurate and speedy SNP identification.

  • All of our research and diagnostic products are now sold by our subsidiary company, AccuGenetics Ltd.

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