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The Business

PharmacoGenetics Ltd. (PGL) is a product-focused biotechnology company. We are developing innovative pharmaceutical, health supplement and diagnostic products in the areas of central nervous system (CNS) diseases. It is the only genomic medicine company in Hong Kong we are aware of that is supported by both the Hong Kong government and a major university. Importantly, PGL has access to genetic samples and clinical venues throughout China.

In 2004, PGL scientist achieved a major breakthrough in mental disease. Together with proven technology in genetics and drug development, PGL has identified several candidates from traditional Chinese medicine for treatment of different neuropsychiatric disorders. Some of the candidates have been obtained international patent protection and entering into clinical studies.

The Company's initial focus is in the area of neuropsychiatrics, which represents a US$2 billion world market having vast unmet market needs.

Scientific Expertise
The Company comprised of prominent scientists, clinicians and consultants to advise on scientific and medical matters. In addition, the company has access to a network of research leaders through its academic affiliations in Hong Kong, China and worldwide.
Intellectual Property
PGL seeks to aggressively protect its portfolio of technologies and products through patents, trade secrets and other appropriate measures. To date, the Company has filed numbers of patents applications in different countries covering a variety of technology areas, including therapeutics for CNS disorders, diagnostics for complex diseases and formula for health supplements.
Ground-breaking Discoveries
The Company's expertise and technology platform has been validated through the recent ground-breaking discovery of multiple disease-gene associations for Schizophrenia. The Company fully expects to be able to replicate this for further discoveries in other areas. The Company continues to make effort in developing therapeutics and diagnostics based on these discoveries to improve the quality of life.



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